Quarantine Queen Pre-Roll Pack -Blue Dream 

Her Highness NYC is a female-forward cannabis company whose products are inspired by women and made by women.

I love a cute bubbler or organic hemp wrap for when I smoke my blends. I prefer sativa (lime and orange strains) and indica (OG’s and Cakes) strains, not so much hybrids. I LOVE CBD flower. I also love myself some live rosin and prefer a g-pen for smoking concentrate.

A pairing made in munchie heaven.

The Cereal Milk strain has a crazy sweet, creamy nose & taste it produces a great euphoric buzz with a nice chill finish and can only be paired with Milk Bars Crunchy Cereal Shake.

My creative outlet is my brand. I have always had a weird obsession with love and having deep, personal conversations with people. I blame it on watching way too many rom coms at a young age and having a very feminine energy.

BlackJack is a hybrid strain made up of Black Domina and Jack Herer. It can have a THC level of anywhere from 18-25%, so you know it’s a strong one.

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