A High state of mind fuels creativity and Contact High is the digital community to share your creative musings. Contact High is a community-driven site focused on giving a platform to artists and creators to share their work, thoughts, and musings in this ever-changing world. An inclusive and safe space, the site welcomes contributions from anyone who has something they’d like to share. 


Our team consists of Ami Gan, Red Rodriguez, and Cheyanne Dunn, whom all met while working at America's first Cannabis Cafe in West Hollywood, California. The three came together with this idea for an inclusive space to allow users to share and find content from a variety of people whom all love Cannabis. We created Contact High to allow users to do just that! Whether it be art, fashion, music, or blogging, we want to include all content from those who wish to share their projects with us. 


Ami Gan


As a marketing leader, Ami's eclectic experience spans from producing content at music festivals to NYFW. With over 15 years of experience collaborating with global brands and startups, she's passionate about storytelling to fuel consumer engagement. Ami has worked for Red Bull Media House, Quest Nutrition, and was instrumental in the launch of America's first Cannabis Cafe.


Red Rodriguez


Red is a cannabis expert who hails from working at top dispensaries curating their products and consulting for brands in the cannabis industry. His knowledge and expertise lend to curating the renowned Flower Menu at the Original Cannabis Cafe. Red is a California Native who has witnessed the state's evolution on cannabis.


Cheyanne Dunn


Cheyanne is an alumnus of top media outlets where she reported on a wide range of subjects and also taught herself to build websites. A published writer for over a decade, Cheyanne has built a strong presence in the digital world. Coming from the OG Cannabis Cafe and her blog GetHighWithChey, she is passionate about legalization, ending prison sentences for small marijuana charges, and the medical benefits of cannabis all around.


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