• Cheyanne

BlackJack by Caliva - Strain Review

As I do these reviews, I try to find brands that I have never tried before and review them, and recently, I was given some Caliva samples, including BlackJack. BlackJack is a hybrid strain made up of Black Domina and Jack Herer. It can have a THC level of anywhere from 18-25%, so you know it’s a strong one. My jar says this one has a THC level of 22%, which of course gets me excited to try it. I had heard of Caliva before, as it is a pretty well-known brand in Los Angeles, but had never tried their products myself. From everything I had heard, this was going to become a new favorite brand of mine.

The nugs of BlackJack were dark olive green with lots of orange hairs covering the bud. It was also covered in white trichomes, which made it very beautiful to look at. The nugs were dense, but once you start breaking it up, it becomes easier. It was not super sticky, just a bit as you break it up. I should also mention that there were not a lot of stems, but for the few that there were, the weed came off the stem without any effort. For the amount I was given, it broke up into a really good amount and the smell began to take over my apartment.

The aroma was nice from the moment I opened the jar but didn’t become super overpowering until I actually smoked the weed. BlackJack has the scent of a woody and piney forest, with a hint of berry scent to top it off. The fruity aspect of the scent gave this strain a lovely field of flowers smells to it. The weed smoked heavy but was a smooth inhale with no coughing at all.

The flavor of BlackJack was similar to the aroma but had more of a fruity and peppery taste with a hint of mint added in. As I said before, the weed smokes heavy but has an incredible flavor and continued to be flavorful as I smoked more and more. It wasn’t harsh but does have a bit of a cooling effect on the throat due to the minty aftertaste, which I did enjoy very much. The flavor got stronger as I smoked but stayed consistent and the aroma stayed present in the room.

Since BlackJack is a hybrid, I was curious as to what types of effects it would have on me. When I first smoked it, I immediately felt awakened and ready to work. I got super focused on what I was doing and did not feel any down effects. I will say that I barely smoked any of this and it hit me right away and lasted a long time, which is always good for me but for newer smokers I say beware. Not only did I get a lot of writing and website work done, but I also did my laundry and painted my nails, which for me during quarantine, is an extremely productive day.

BlackJack is said to help with stress, anxiety, pain, and depression, which I certainly agree with as I had no back pain or any stressful feelings throughout the entire day. I felt super calm and happy, while still being focused and energized to do my work. I was uplifted and felt my creative juices flowing almost instantly after smoking one bowl. I was easily getting my work done and feeling good about the work I was accomplishing.

Overall, BlackJack by Caliva is a great strain for daytime use and will uplift you and help you get through the day. The aroma and flavor were powerful but not overbearing and truly enjoyable. I will absolutely be smoking this strain again and I recommend it for those who have trouble focusing and feeling awake throughout the day, but again, for newer smokers, but cautious about how much you smoke.