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Could Cannabis Enhance Your Sex Life?

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Since the early 20th century Americans have been infatuated by cannabis. But if there’s one thing Americans love more than weed, it’s sex. As a society, we’re utterly obsessed with it, and for good reason. For consensual adults, sex can be the greatest, most electrifying physical manifestation of love, intimacy, and connection there is. However, not all that glitters is gold.

As humans, we’ve been doing it for so long that one might assume sex is this amazing experience for everyone, every time. But, alas, it’s not. Though our anatomy hasn’t changed much since the days of our cave-dwelling ancestors, humans overall are really complicated beings. Sometimes something as natural as sex can still feel very foreign to us. For some people, sex can be perpetually overwhelming and result in multiple lackluster experiences.

For others, sex can actually be physically painful. These unconventional truths are real for both binary and non-binary genders, alike. No matter how you identify, one wrong move or unwanted thought in the bedroom and a passionate moment can be compromised almost immediately. We've all been there; your mind begins to wander at the worst possible moment and before you know it, you’re out of your body and totally in your head. Too many of these little mishaps, which are totally natural by the way, and you might even feel anxious or confused whenever sex is on the table. The truth is sex should feel empowering. Every single one of us deserves a healthy, fun, and fulfilling sex-life. Not surprisingly, cannabis may help you achieve this.

Dr. Emily Morse, a Doctor in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, has some insight into why cannabis could be advantageous in the bedroom. “Cannabis can help both [non-binary and binary genders] to relax more into their bodies so that an orgasm is more likely to happen, as well as the potential to be more intense” Dr. Morse explains. “Experimenting with cannabis to enhance your sex life is very different than getting ‘high’. If cannabis hasn’t worked for you in the past, don’t rule out the other ways of experimenting or ingesting that can actually enhance sexual pleasure and help lessen pain [from sex]” shares Dr. Morse. She continues by stating “THC and CBD can be helpful for painful sex issues, like vaginismus and endometriosis, as well.” A great cannabis company to research for sexual enrichment is Foria Wellness. Their team is committed to developing cannabis-infused products dedicated to pain relief and the sexual enhancement of their consumers. Their CBD infused lubricant “Awaken” is a phenomenal choice for beginners dabbling with cannabis.

It’s not the first time in recent history that the benefits of cannabis are being showcased publicly. Its healing effects on the human body became particularly apparent during the 1980’s and 90’s, when AIDS and cancer patients living in Northern California were finding relief by smoking and ingesting the herb. For years the LGBTQ+ community and its allies, including cannabis activists “Brownie Mary” and Dennis Peron, heroically fought for the legalization of this plant medicine. At the time, cannabis was pretty much the only thing enhancing the lives of their ill-fated loved ones. This is an important part of cannabis history our nascent industry sadly overlooks. Still, regardless of its mention or not, cannabis never stopped elevating the lives of the queer community. Interestingly, a study published by Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health discovered that cannabis consumption rates among gay/lesbian and bisexual women were way higher than heterosexual women who also consumed cannabis. Cannabis consumption rates among bisexual men were 2.3 times higher than their heterosexual counterparts. “I think that before there was even medicine developed, and I don’t know this for sure, but I would assume that cannabis was around to help people cope. Especially within the gay community” says Indica Sativa, an LA-based drag queen with an affinity for marijuana. It’s true that cannabis has a certain way of putting life (and all of its complexities) into a brighter, less daunting perspective.

Through mindful cannabis consumption, we’re able to travel inward, becoming fully immersed in the glory of our own awesomeness. So you can imagine what genuine self-love and a deep sense of euphoria might do for your sex-life. “I think if you smoke [cannabis], you [already] know sex is better when you’re high. Any substance is probably gonna make sex better, but I think with cannabis in particular, it stops you from overthinking. You’re able to go into it feeling free and open to experiment” claims Indica Sativa. “I’m usually focusing on tomorrow when I need to be focused on today. I think smoking cannabis helps me balance out that mixture of anxiety and paranoia. There have been times where I’ve given myself a month break from cannabis, but realistically smoking helps me release the tension. I remember I was in a relationship one of the times I’d taken a break. We would fuck, and I’d think of how much better it would be with a joint” they confess while sipping a black coffee.

It seems like cannabis has the potential to bring an individual closer to their own sensuality, too. With each inhale and exhale, cannabis moves us further from the distracting thoughts of insecurity and self-doubt and closer to our own innate eroticism. “Sensuality is the expression and pursuit of pleasure – sexual or not. When I encourage people to focus on their sensuality, I recommend starting with their senses. When we fully engage all of our senses, we’re able to drop into the present moment and really feel what’s going on in our body. It’s also a great exercise to get out of our head and into our body” according to Dr. Morse.

Mindfulness mixed with cannabis in the bedroom can certainly help partners connect on a deeper level. And we’re not just blowing smoke up your skirt, either. Neuroscience shows that THC, a psychoactive compound in cannabis, enhances the cell-to-cell communication within our brain, meaning it elevates the original message being communicated between neurons. That’s why everything seems so awesome when you’re stoned. Your brain is literally sending the message that this experience, however exciting or mundane, is exponentially better because you’re high. Which leads me to believe that there are a lot of experiences that might be enhanced with adequate cannabis consumption. But what that consumption level looks like is entirely subjective and personal. Rest assured though, easing into cannabis experimentation might be the most fun way of maximizing your own potential in and out of the bedroom.

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I'm really proud to have written the original menu for the OG Cannabis Cafe. Although things didn't work out for the cafe due to covid-19, it was very cool to see stoner legends Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg handle and discuss something I'd created. 

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