• Cheyanne

Her Highness NYC - Quarantine Queen Blue Dream

As a woman who works in the cannabis industry, it is always nice to come across a company that is woman-owned and operated. When I heard about a company called Her Highness NYC, I had a feeling it would be something I would want to know more about. Her Highness NYC is a female-forward cannabis company whose products are inspired by women and made by women. They offer a variety of products including THC and CBD items as well as some super fun accessories to go along with their theme of cannabis couture.

Her Highness NYC came out with a pack of 20 half gram joints that they are calling the Quarantine Queen pack. The joints are the strain Blue Dream and come in at about 17% THC. These are aimed at people who want to be able to smoke without getting too high during this quarantine.

As you can see from the photos, the packaging for these items is gorgeous and is very much aimed at women consumers. Blue Dream is also the perfect strain for this type of package because it is a sativa dominant hybrid and will help you stay focused and get work done without overdoing it and making you feel crazy. The flavor is an herbal, piney flavor with a hint of pepper to top it off. The aroma is similar but also has a sweet berry smell to it as well. Blue Dream is a popular daytime strain and will definitely help you get to work during the quarantine.

Blue Dream offers a full-body relaxation with an uplifting and cerebral high feeling in your mind. It helps keep you euphoric, creative, and focused. It is a very balanced high which is good for either new smokers or regular consumers. It is good for stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, as well as insomnia with the comedown.

I have to say that I liked this preroll pack very much. Her Highness NYC has found the perfect way to aim their products at women consumers. They also have adorable and user-friendly packaging, while still producing an excellent product. The Quarantine Queen pack lasted me a long time, as there are 20 half gram joints, and overall gave me an excellent high. Blue Dream was the perfect strain for this pack as any kind of consumer can smoke it. If you see Her Highness NYC anywhere, I definitely recommend trying it, but you can also go to their site, www.herhighness.com to purchase CBD products and very fun and cute accessories for smoking!