• Chantelle

My Higher Self With Chantelle Episode 1

Instagram handle:

C: @withstandingvice

What is your creative outlet and how did you get into your art form?:

C: music, I’m in a band. I’ve always loved music and have many friends who are musicians. My friend, Jade (who fronts a doom metal band) actually bought me a bass years ago and forced me to learn. Eventually, she also convinced me to sing as well and now I’m the singer, rhythm guitarist, and co-writer for Wind River Revival.

What’s something you’re proud that you made or accomplished creatively?:

C: We’re working currently on fine-tuning the first Wind River Revival record, and we also recently participated in a web series about life and dating during COVID-19 called Interconnected.

Current track you must listen to?:

C: I’m currently obsessed with the entire Black Pumas self-titled album.

What’s your High Style?

C: I love a cute bubbler or organic hemp wrap for when I smoke my blends. I prefer sativa (lime and orange strains) and indica (OG’s and Cakes) strains, not so much hybrids. I LOVE CBD flower. I also love myself some live rosin and prefer a g-pen for smoking concentrate.